7 Ways to Read PST Files 

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There are many methods to access large PST files without Outlook. Therefore, in this article, we’ll discuss the various methods you can utilize to read the contents of your PST files.

The PST format file can be described as a format that is used by Microsoft Outlook where you can save all items in your mailbox like contacts, emails calendars, journals, events, etc. It is also possible to use this format to export or import the Outlook data. This is the default format for files in Outlook which means that whenever you download files, Outlook will save the data in PST format on your PC.

Although you’ll require Outlook to access the content of your documents, there are methods to access your data without Outlook.

Motives for Examining Several Outlook PST Files 

Outlook is the program that developed the PST file and also views the files. Why do users have to open the files but not open Outlook to view them Outlook? The reason is.

  • Users receive PST files however, they don’t use an Outlook software.
  • Users were unable to access their computer.
  • You can share PST files with others. PST file with a person who does not have Outlook.
  • If you have any issues opening the file using the application.

These are the most common reasons to access PST file without Outlook. For viewing the PST files, there are a few ways to use.

How to Read PST Files in Bulk 

Gmail is utilized all over the world since it’s a web-based email client. Therefore you can access the contents of your Outlook PST files in Gmail and also with Google App Migration Tool GWMMO. Google App Migration Tool GWMMO. This tool was designed to convert your information into Gmail. This is a great way to view the contents of your data, however this tool comes with limitations. So, you need a third-party program is available to analyze several Outlook PST files Thus, there are two ways to look at the contents of the file.

  • The manual method: Use to use the GWMMO tool to look up the batch PST files within Gmail.
  • Automatic method :Third-party program to look through the files.

How to Read PST Files in Bulk Manually 

In the beginning, you must first download and install to download the Google Workspace Migration for Microsoft Outlook tool. You can then use it to access your data in Gmail extremely quickly.

  • Follow the URL tools.google.com/dlpage/gsmmo and download the tool according to your system.
  • Download the program on your computer, then select on the Proceed button.
  • Fill in your Gmail account’s ID and click Allow to grant permission to transfer the file..
  • Click on the Migrate button to transfer to an Outlook account or PST profile. Select Next. next button.
  • Then, select the items you would like to see such as calendars email, contacts and so on. Select them from the drop-down menu. Click on Transfer.
  • When you click the button, the program will move your files. When it’s done then press “OK”.

Limitations of the Manual Method

Once you’ve transferred to PST data, it is possible to are able to examine several Outlook PST files. However there are a few negatives.

  • There may be problems when downloading the software.
  • During the process of migration, your data may be lost.
  • If you download the software be sure be sure you’re downloading the right link.
  • The process of migration can take longer in the case of large mailbox files.

Automated Method to Read Bulk PST Files

The manual method comes with more disadvantages than benefits. So, this is not the best option. However, FreeViewer File Viewer is a reliable method to analyze several Outlook PST files. It has numerous options that permit non-professional users to quickly read their data. It also displays large files within just a few minutes. It also has additional capabilities in addition.

Features of Software

The software is based with a cutting-edge technology so that you can examine the contents of a normal file, or even a corrupted.

  • You can provide different preview modes for your files, like HEX, MIME, HTML header, etc.
  • It allows users to see the contacts list from PST files.
  • You can look for specific information in the files with the search options.
  • Users are able to scan their files to find any issues.

Steps to Read Bulk PST Files

  • Install and download the program.
  • Click on your add file option and then click on the button to open your PST files. After that, click on the button to add the file. button.
  • Choose an appropriate folder you want to see your emails.
  • To view calendars, contacts and tasks, as well as notes and other mailer items. At the bottom left section of this tool select the option you’d like to see.
  • To see the aspects of the file in the middle of email choose From To, Subject and To.
  • View the PST file using Normal View, HEX, HTML Attachments RTF and more.
  • If you’d like to convert the file to printable PDF, upgrade to Pro.


It can be difficult to read large PST documents without Outlook. In this article, we provide two ways to accomplish this. GWMMO is a program that allows you to move to Outlook files. It’s a tool that is free however there are some limitations for making use of it. Therefore, the second option is the best choice to use, since it allows you to view your documents. Furthermore, the software offers two versions, Pro and Pro+ for exporting your files.